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At BitStack Innovations, we have a passion for excellence. We believe in hiring the best talent in the industry to deliver outstanding results to our customers. Our team of over 20 highly skilled developers, each a master in their respective fields, works tirelessly towards providing perfection in every project we undertake. We are immensely proud of our 5+ years of blockchain experience and over 7 years of collective expertise, which enable us to tackle any challenge with confidence and dedication. We strive to inspire our team and our clients with an unwavering enthusiasm for innovation and advancement. With BitStack Innovations, you can expect nothing but the best!

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A Detailed Glance At What We Offer

Website Development

Our company creates customized websites using advanced technology. We offer Landing Page, Ecommerce Platform, CRM, Web Portal, and other web solutions. Our skilled team provides personalized services to each client, producing versatile, user-friendly, high-performance websites.

Mobile Development

We create customizable high-quality mobile apps using innovative cross-platform technology for IOS and Android. Our team exceeds client expectations and stays on top of mobile app development trends. From ideation to deployment, we provide end-to-end solutions to take your business to the next level.

Blockchain & AI Development

We’re experts in blockchain solutions like DEX, DAO, CEX, Launchpad, Crypto, NFT, Staking, Vesting and Minting Engines. We also offer AI services like ChatGPT integration, data training, image processing and intelligent systems. Rely on us for innovative, client-specific solutions, backed by our extensive experience and industry expertise.


We provide professional DevOps services on AWS and Docker. Our skilled team delivers automated code building, streamlined pipelines, efficient deployment, and seamless domain and hosting integration using top technologies. We ensure your project goes live seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain development is the process of building a shared, immutable distributed ledger technology (DLT) that safely records transactions and tracks assets inside a network, whether those assets are actual, like money or real estate, or nonphysical, like copyrights

The cost of blockchain development depends on several variables which affect how much the project will cost. For instance, the cost of a simple NFT/Crypto project will be between 7,000$ t0 20,000$, a Defi project which may include DEX, CEX or Staking mechanism can cost between 25,000$ to 70,000$ and a marketplace or metaverse project can cost about 40,000$ to 100,000$.

Etheruem followed by Binance and Polygon are most accepted blockchains users are comfortable to interact with for marketing and public acceptance.

You can always contact us on email and book a call to share your project idea with us. We will guide you through the development process we will take and provide you with insights about market and trends during the process to make your product a success.

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